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2008 Lexus ES
00:21:47 Left
2005 Infiniti G35
00:44:17 Left
2011 Honda ACCORD
00:56:17 Left
2008 Audi A6
01:30:26 Left
2013 Nissan Altima SL
01:45:52 Left
2006 Honda CR-V
01:47:49 Left
2008 Ford ESCAPE
02:06:09 Left
Mercedes-Benz M-CLASS
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2006 Volvo XC90
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Robert Den.

To be a dealership or a sales man you need much effort to reach the goals of success. But auction went through my expectations. I haven't ever thought that the selling process can be so easy. Thank you guys you helped me a lot!

Jul 29th 2015


All I can say is that Repokar auction changed my perception of the typical car selling experience on online auctions. The buyers are verified and the process itself is very good organized. Happy to be a member.

Feb 13rd 2015


Once I heard from a Co-Worker that there is an exciting auction to sell junk cars, I was very curious to look for it. is really stress free and safe website to do business online. Thanks for helping me

Nov 17th 2015

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