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2013 Smart FORTWO

2013 Smart FORTWO

$ 3,335 00

598 views Condition: Used
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State: Kansas
City: Kansas City
Address: 10206 Parallel Pkwy
Zip code: 66109
Make: Smart
Model: Fortwo
Body type: Coupe
Year: 2013
Mileage: 42521
Interior color: Red
Exterior color: White
Transmission: Automatic
Engine: L3, 1.0L (61 CID); DOHC
Trim Level: Pure; Passion Coupe
Body Type: 2 Door Coupe
Manufacturer: Daimler AG
Production Seq. Number: 597148
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Engine Code: M
Drive Line Type: RWD
Vehicle Type: Passenger Car
Vehicle Class: Small Car
Country: GERMANY
Check Digit: 3
MPG: AM5:33-41-36
AAIA: 199608/203650/208661
AAIA_ENGINE: 18062/16810
AAIA_TRANSMISSION: 4527/3656/4800
Type: Car
AAIA_VehicleID: 199608/203650/208661
AAIA_EngineConfigID: 18062/16810/18062
AAIA_TransmissionID: 4527/3656/4800
AAIA_BodyStyleConfigID: 7/7/7
AAIA_BrakeConfigID: 25/9/25
AAIA_DriveTypeID: 7/7/7
AAIA_SpringTypeConfigID: 1/1/1

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