James Bond with an electric car?

04/21/2016 13:17:16
James Bond with an electric car?
The CEO of Aston Marin stated that soon everyone will move to electric cars, James Bond might drive an EcoCar too in the future movies.

James Bond is an Icon of futuristic weapons, good cars and beautiful women. Andy Palmer says, Bond's car may take an ecological way and choose an electric motor and batteries.



The CEO of Aston Martin stated that soon everyone will move to electric cars, because it's almost inevitable, just as death and tax. Aston Martin has been linked to Agent 007 since the movie Goldfinger 1964, where a spy was driving an Aston Martin DB5. Recently, Martin has built DB10 for James Bond's movie Spectre 2015.


Andy Palmer also said "The lure for the spy would be less environmental statement and more the fact that electric cars have a ton of torque and can take off like a shot", which means these type of cars can compete with the ones we are used to. Palmer was the one who had an important role in the development of Nissan and pushed the Company to add an electric powertrain to the Infiniti LE until 2014, but by that year he already had left Nissan and moved to Aston Martin.


Aston Martin is working now on an electric powertrain that might have 1,000 horsepower and will hit the markets in 2017 and could be good enough for James Bond.



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